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Want to know how to approach vaping with your student or teen? Check out the following information on how to open the conversation

Talking about vaping

OK, let’s be serious for a bit; teens are vaping. A lot. And while a certain level of experimentation is normal, it’s important to know the risks.

Talking to our kids about things like vaping is tricky. We need to open a dialogue, and explain to them why this isn’t for them. The dangers of vaping as a teen are higher than for adults, as the chemicals and additives can affect their growth and development.

Most importantly, we can’t just tell them no; respect their intelligence and understanding, and show them the facts. It is always better to tell youth the truth about what’s happening, rather than trying to hide them away from the world.

Our resources are being updated constantly with more information and techniques to help you with these difficult conversations.

Find our resources here, as well as printable resources and scientific references. Don’t worry; we’ve summarised the important parts.

Source: Adapted from Walker et al 2020, Table S3: New Zealand Year 10 student’s use of e-cigarettes compared to use of cigarettes (regular, monthly, and weekly use), 2014- 2019 [link]

Further information

Click below to watch the School TV report on teen vaping

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