Everyone’s vaping and I just want to fit in 🙁

Marketing and peer-pressure is a huge part of why we do things, and the tobacco industry is pretty good at it.

As for the vaping industry, well, they’re not doctors, they’re salespeople. It’s how they make their money.

Peer pressure is also a real thing, just as with smoking or drinking. But you’re your own person, and shouldn’t be swayed by what everyone says you should do.

Yes, we realise the irony that we’re saying what you shouldn’t do.

Look, a lot of people think vaping is cool. But people thought smoking was really cool too, and then we found out about the health effects, and suddenly it wasn’t so cool.

The potential risk to your long-term health is WAY too high to justify it.

In the end, you have to make your own mind up about vaping. But it’s important to remember that it’s certainly not harmless. 

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